7 Most Impactful Qualities of Siddharth Mahajan: Life and Business

Siddharth Mahajan, the young enterprising owner of Tulip Real Estate Ltd. started his career in 2001 after graduating with a degree in Hotel Management from Oriental School of Hotel Management in Kerala. While Siddharth Mahajan was a sincere, scholarly and assiduous student, his capabilities and skillsets carried him to greater heights of success as he embarked on his professional journey in the hotel industry.

Although in due course Mahajan received flak due to the property case against him in UK, he ensured it didn’t hamper his spirit and motivation to move forward. Thus, considering Siddharth Mahajan history with the property case and the valor with which he dealt with the situation, there is a lot to learn from him. 

Needless to say, as a successful businessman, Mahajan possesses several qualities that one can draw inspiration from in order to build a prolific career and lead a fulfilling life. 

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Giving the Wanderers a Home: How Siddharth Mahajan Began a Laudable Career

Who is Siddharth Mahajan? 

Born and brought up in India, Siddharth Mahajan is a young nascent mind who zealously pursued a career in the hospitality industry and travelled across oceans to find the right direction for his passion.

siddharth mahajan careerMahajan completed a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Managament from Oriental School of Hotel Management, Kerala and 3 years International Diploma in Hospitality from American Hotel & Lodging Association in Honors.  He was the first student from college to get Campus Placement at Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur . He joined the Rajvilas in 2002 (6 months before he had finished his degree) and returned to College in 2003 for his final semester in April 2003. His stint at the luxury hotel lasted 2 years and earned him weighty appreciation for his earnest hospitality services. This marked the beginning of an extraordinary professional journey for Siddharth Mahajan’s career

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